30-180 Gallon Boiler Feed Vacuum Units


Our horizontal and veritcal boiler feed vacuum units are competitively priced but also offer long term cost savings because they are built with industry standard electric motors. Building 30 to 180 gallon boiler feed vacuum units with high quality industry standard motors our customers can easily make repairs with standard off the shelf components. The result is significant cost savings over the life of the unit when compared to purchasing proprietary replacement components. Our 30 to 180 gallon boiler feed vacuum units are constructed with 3/16” thick welded steel receivers, water level glass gauge assembly, mechanical float, and liquid condensate pumps. Units are available in either vertical or horizontal configurations with one (simplex systems) or two (duplex systems) liquid condensate pumps. All boiler feed units are paired with all-bronze centrifugal pumps.


Sizes from 30 to 180 gallon
3/16” welded steel tanks
Typically ships in 2-3 weeks
Bronze fitted pumps for long life
Industry Standard motors for easy repair
Standard units are single phase
Stainless steel and multi-phase units available

Horizontal Boiler Feed Unit All Models

Vertical Boiler Feed Unit All Models