Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

The NES Company is a new/refurbished liquid ring pump solutions provider for several commercial markets. We have in stock liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors available for immediate shipping depending on your needs. Our team also offers engineered systems and repair kits depending on each of our customers unique needs. Speak with an expert today to learn about the solutions NES company can provide.

What is a liquid ring vacuum pump?

A liquid ring vacuum pump is a gas transfer mechanism, positive displacement, and rotary equipment which utilizes seal liquid to create a seal between the impeller and the rotor and, thereby, creating a vacuum as it rotates.

How do liquid ring vacuum pumps work?

In the process, liquid ring pumps can act as a condenser, vacuum pump, reaction chamber, and heat exchanger. A typical liquid ring pump has the rotor eccentric from the body, and liquid is injected, forming a seal between the rotor and body, creating chambers of trapped gas between the blades. Expansion and compression stroke is achieved in each revolution of the pump. The inlet chambers have an expansive geometry creating a vacuum, and the outlet chambers have a contracting geometry allowing compression to take place.

What are the advantages of a liquid ring vacuum pump?

The main advantage of liquid ring vacuum pumps is that they are ideally suited for dewatering applications as the carry-over water from the process can be utilized in the liquid ring. Moreover, due to the robust nature of the liquid ring pumps, they can sustain rugged operations and requires minimum maintenance. Other advantages are liquid ring vacuum pump works on the principle of isothermal compression, i.e., the fluid absorbs the entire heat of compression.

NCC Series

Close-Coupled Pumps.

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NHF Series

High Efficiency Closed Coupled Pumps.

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NC Series

Single Stage/Single Cone Pumps/Compressors.

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NX Series

Single Cone Pumps/Compressors.

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NL Series

Single Stage/Dual Cone Pumps/Compressors.

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N904 Series

High Efficiency Pulp & Paper Pumps/Compressors

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NBE Series

Siemens 2BE Flat Plate Type Pumps.

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NAT Series

Two Stage/Dual Cone Pumps.

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NTS Series

Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps.

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NES Series

Remanufactured Pumps.

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