NX Series

Single Cone Pumps/Compressors

150-800 CFM

Our NX Series are designed as drop-in replacements for the XL series vacuum pumps. This 200-800 CFM single cone liquid ring vacuum pump is designed to have only one moving part to induce maximum mechanical stability with maximum reliability. This cast iron single cone liquid ring vacuum pump is suited to deliver vacuum at maximum capacity in tough conditions of sudden water and particle slugs. We offer version with capacities ranging from 200-800 CFM.

About NX Series

Models: NX-35, 45, 60,80 and 130
Power Range: 5-50 HP
Capacity Range: 200-800 CFM
Max Vacuum: 28"Hg
MOC: Cast iron/stainless steel 304/stainless steel 316


Capable to be driven by variable frequency drives.
Drop-in replacement for XL series.
Capability to sustain back pressures.
Capability to be used with a variety of mechanical seals.
Standard construction is Cast Iron with mechanical seals.
Standard construction is stainless steel 304, optional 316 stainless steel construction.
Parts and repair kits readily available.
Available as bare pump or as a part of engineered systems.
Pump is performance tested before delivery.
2- year factory warranty.


Chemical Processing
Central Vacuum System
Fiber Setting
Exhausting Molding
Slot Extraction
Extruder Venting

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