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NES Completes A Full Recirculation System For A Major Hemp Processing Unit In Arizona.

A customer approached us with a request to offer a complete recirculation system which can do 120 ACFM at 20 Inches of Vacuum, NES responded using NES AHF-120 Pump with a Class I Div. 2 Motor, Metal OSHA Compliant Coupling guards. The system has a Shell and Tube Heat exchanger in build in the skid. The base is box welded. The piping is welded to prevent shipping damage.

First NES System Built In Our New Shop!

NES provides stainless steel and cast iron single stage pumps ideally suited for poultry evisceration, fermentation, evaporation, and distillation in the food processing industry. Liquid ring pumps are often used for bottling and carbonation processing for the beverage industry.

Hybrid Roots/LRVP System For Fragrance Manufacturer.

NES designed and built a hybrid Roots blower and two stage liquid ring vacuum pump system to achieve 0.4”Hg absolute. The system was designed by NES, factory assembled and tested for high vacuum service. The system consisted of a two stage 25 HP LRVP in series with a 5 HP Roots blower, a discharge separator, and a shell and tube seal water heat exchanger.

Stainless Steel SC-6 V-Belt System (Full Seal Water Recovery) For The Chemical Processing Industry

NES engineered and built an all stainless steel system which included a solid stainless steel SC6 liquid ring vacuum pump, shell and tube heat exchanger, v-belt drive system, and control panel. They system was assembled in our machine shop, wired, and delivered to a chemical processing company. The system was built and shipped in 6 weeks with stock and custom built components.

CL-4001 For Major Chemical Processing Company.

NES routinely remanufactures CL series pumps to OEM specs and with minimal lead-times. This CL-4001 was rebuilt with special packing, stainless steel shaft sleeves, and delivered in just over a week. This order was part of our remanufactured exchange program. We shipped out the rebuilt pump to the customer who was able to install immediately before sending the core return.

ASML Semiconductors

NES Company Inc built an all stainless steel vacuum lifting station to collect and distrubute DI water for ASML's lithography process. NES Company was able to design and build a unique combination of vacuum and water pumping station with specialized materials to meet the requirements of DI water.

Everglades Project Vacuum Priming Package

NES Company Inc. secured a contract to build four duplex vacuum priming packages as part of the Everglades Projects. These packages include skid mounted vacuum pumps and controls which are designed to prime several centrifugal pumps in an environmental pumping station. Each system was designed, built, and tested in our shop in Connecticut.

Solvent Recovery System.

A customer approached us to build system around solvent recovery process. NES Engineers responded with a basic design for a full recovery system since water was not available at site. With severe duty Class I Div 2 7.5 HP motor the system designed has the capacity to deliver 110 CFM at 20 Inches of Mercury. The system has Stainless Steel 304 discharge separator with a shell and tube heat exchanger. The system has glycerin vacuum and temperature gauges to accurately displays process parameters. The piping is welded to prevent damage due to shipping and leaking. The base is box welded with lifting eyes and can be bolted on to the ground, making this easy to install. This was delivered in record time to ensure we meet customers deadlines.

NAT-3004 Exhaust Condenser Two Stage System.

NES recently designed and fabricated an NAT 3004 exhaust condenser system for a power plant in the mid-west. The system was fabricated in the USA at an ASME code shop where all the piping, discharge separator we code stamped. it also included a code stamped plate and frame heat exchanger that was fabricated in the US. Other features included an ABB VFD drive, inlet condensing spray nozzles, and automatic make up water controls. The system is designed to operate up to 28.5" Hg vacuum.

Air Cooled NL-1002 System For Environmental Process.

NES designed and fabricated fully contained/air cooled NL-1002 system for a mobile waste water environmental processing facility. The system consisted of a v-belt drive system, NL-1002 (equivalent to CL-1002) cast iron pump, water circulation pump, air cooled heat exchanger, and control sensors.

NCC-160 Stainless Steel Tank Mounted System

NES designed and custom fabricated an all stainless steel tank mounted NCC-160 full seal water recovery system. The system consisted of a square seal water storage/separator tank, seal water piping, explosion proof motor, and explosion proof level sensors. The system was elevated and designed to meet specific operation environmental concerns. Read more about engineered systems.

Los Alamos National Labs' Nuclear Standards

NES Company engineered and built three (3) all stainless steel 3 HP liquid ring vacuum pumps for their plutonium processing plant. NES Company Inc was able to meet the strict nuclear standards required by Los Alamos National Labs by designing and building these pumps as 100% drop in replacements. LANL was able to avoid a costly engineering project by using our pumps to replace an obsolete design.

Pharmaceutical Company Reduces Water Usage

NES Company Inc. secured a contract to build four duplex vacuum priming packages as part of the Everglades Recovery Projects. These packages include skid mounted vacuum pumps and controls which are designed to prime several centrifugal pumps in an environmental pumping station. Each system was designed, built, and tested in our shop in Connecticut.

Pump And Motor Assembly For Laboratory Vacuum.

A customer approached us for laboratory vacuum the customer needed 90 cfm at 20 inches the environment was explosive. Nes decided to give nhf 80 pump with explosion proof motor class 1 division 1 close coupled mounted in a base with fabricated metal coupling guard.

NCC-350 Close Coupled Full Seal Water Recover System.

NES designed and fabricated a full seal water recovery system consisting of a close coupled 25 HP NCC liquid ring vacuum pump, combination seal water storage tank/separator, shell & tube heat exchanger, and controls.

NAT-3004 Two Stage Liquid Ring Pump For Power Industry.

NES is one of the very few companies who has the capability to build new AT two stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. This NAT-3004 was recently built for the power industry in the US. NES has the capability to build NAT-1004, NAT-2004, and NAT-3004 in cast iron or stainless steel. These pump are brand new drop-in replacements for the classic AT series. The NAT series is available as bare pumps, parts, or engineered systems including exhauster condenser packages.

NC-7 Systems For Lumber Treatment Facility.

NES designed and fabricated (2) NC-7 (SC-7 equivalent) for a lumber treatment facility in Nebraska. The two systems were equipped with single cartridge mechanical seals to prevent spillage of treatment fluids. The pumps were cast iron with stainless steel cones, and v-belt driven by 75 HP TEFC motors.

NC-5 System For Wood Treating Process

NES worked with a major wood treating company to design and build three full seal fluid NC-5 recovery systems.The systems were skid mounted with shell & tube heat exchangers, and direct drive systems. NES designers worked with the end user to select cast iron/stainless steel pump construction for maximum life, single cartridge mechanical seals.

NC-5 Engineered System For Rubber Processing

NES designed and fabricated three NC-5 full seal water recovery systems for a rubber processing company. These systems consisted of cast iron/stainless steel fitted NC-5 vacuum pumps with stainless steel discharge separators, stainless shell and tube heat exchangers, and temperature, float switches. Read more about engineered systems.

NES Builds Two Stage Vacuum System For Philippine Sugar Industry

NES Company Inc. designed and built a high vacuum two-stage NAT-2004 liquid ring vacuum system for the Philippine sugar processing industry. The system included an NAT-2004 (AT-2004 equivalent), 150 HP motor, V-Belt drive, seal water controls, and discharge separator. The system has the capability of producing over 1500 CFM at greater than 28” Hg. NES Company Inc.’s local sales support provided startup assistance.

NL-4002 System For Philippines Sugar Processing Plant

NES Company designed and built a new NL-4002 (CL-4002 equivalent) for export to one of the largest sugar processing plants in the Philippines. The system was designed, assembled, and tested in the US. System included vacuum pump, belt drive, 200 HP motor, and seal water controls. NES company has successfully exported vacuum systems and components all over the world for a wide range of industries

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