Somorakis Liquid Ring Pumps and Compressors.

Liquid Ring Pumps and Compressors.

Somorakis liquid ring pumps and compressors are widely known to be rugged, maintenance friendly, built to high CFM/HP ratios. Somorakis Pumps are used in Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Heavy Industrial, Energy, Mining and Food processing with installations around the world. Somorakis pumps have unique design modifications against traditional pumps features such as Vac-Seal, Tri-point Inlet, Secondary bearings, Shrouded Pump bodies, Foot bushings and 20 Vane rotors. NES Company Inc. offers rebuild, spares, new units and rebuild kits for all Somorakis pumps and Compressors. We offer genuine Somorakis parts in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L, Titanium and Hastelloy.

The Models of Somorakis we cover are.

*The CFM and Vacuum Figures assume 30 Inches Barometer pressure at sea-level and 60 Degree F Seal Water Temperature, Dry Air Temperature of 64 Degree F.


For compressors we cover the models

    • HV-7C – (2.0- 25.0 “ HgV and 400-700 CFM when used as vacuum pump) – (2.0 – 40 PSIG when used as compressor)
    • HV-7 – (2.0- 25.0 “ HgV and 400-700 CFM when used as vacuum pump) – (2.0- 40 PSIG when used as a compressor)

The above range is extensive as this covers 80-28,000 CFM (dry air) in flow, from 1.0 to 27.5 Hg V in Vacuum and 0-50 PSIG in Compressor.

Guided by no- shortcut policy,NES Company Inc also offers Trade in Pumps and Rebuilt Somorakis Pumps, Guaranteed to perform 95% against a new units of Somorakis. NES Company Repairs remanufacture all parts to OEM tolerances using only high nickel content (99% Ni) welding rod. No fillers such as epoxy, metallizing sprays etc. are used during repairs. Stainless Steel Cladding with Riveting is applied with low carbon grades like 304L, 316L and 317L.

NES Company also offers Borescope Inspections, field service to Somorakis units our capabilities include

  • Visual Inspection
  • Measurement of Critical Tolerances
  • Performance Predictions on Pumps.
  • RhdLyme or Dynamic Descaling.
  • Bearing Change

If you have a planned outage, please consider the above options to extend the life of your pumps.