Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Steam Heating Equipment

Condensate Units

Our steam heaitng equipment liquid ring and condensate units offer a low entry cost and are built with our standard high quality bronze centrifugal pumps. Our pumps are assemblied using industry standard electric motors making our systems the best long term value in the industry. This allows our customers to easily make repairs using standard off the shelf components. The result is significant cost savings over the life of the unit. Each of the liquid ring vacuum steam heating systems consist of a receiver tank coupled to one (simplex systems) or two (duplex systems) liquid condensate pumps.

Vacuum Condensate Units

NES Type CLS Vacuum Heating Pumps are some of the most efficient and reliable systems on the market today. Designed and engineered by the company that has been building the most reliable liquid ring vacuum steeam heating systems since 1915, The CLS line of vacuum condensate units are engineered to precisely match the requirements of your vacuum steam system. NES Engineered vacuum units are built with liquid ring vacuum pumps which are up to twice as efficient when compared to water jet type pumps. Liquid ring technology uses contactless liquid compress to produce a vacuum which due to the reduction in mechanical wear offers superior reliability.

Boiler Feed Units

Our boiler feed units are competitively priced but also offer long term cost savings because they are built with industry standard electric motors. Building our pumps with high quality industry standard motors our customers can easily make repairs with standard off the shelf components. The result is significant cost savings over the life of the unit when compared to purchasing proprietary replacement components. Our boiler feed units are constructed with 3/16” thick welded steel receivers, water level glass gauge assembly, mechanical float, and liquid condensate pumps. Units are available in either vertical or horizontal configurations with one (simplex systems) or two (duplex systems) liquid condensate pumps. All boiler feed units are paired with all-bronze centrifugal pumps.

Condensate Pumps

Our horizontal pumps offer a high quality economical solution for in-line applications such as chilled water systems, cooling towers, circulators, washer and booster, etc. These single-stage centrifugal pumps are fitted with threaded suction and are among the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective in the industry. These pumps are available in capacities of 0-37 GPM and discharge pressure of 10-40 PSIG. Our horizontal pumps are designed to operate efficiently up to 200 °F. Motors and mechanical seals are rated for temperatures up to 250 °F. Higher temperature units are available upon request. Pumps are designed using centrifugal technology to operate efficiently at high temperatures and have excellent debris and water contamination resistance.